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 Content is the currency of the web, but not some watery junks – that can only ruin your business goals.
If you want more sales, more traffic, improved SEO and/or better PR in your industry, a great content is all you need.
And I’d give you that.
I’m an author and award-winning writer with 11 laurels. My super-yummy 100-word essay even won me the national award of centenary genius. I have also worked with multinationals in the Tech and Power industry and my record speaks. Plus I am very creative with words, and do well in poetry too. I won the Kwandala Poetry Prize last year 🙂
So, I am that versatile tech writer you need. I’ll combine my expertise of the industry with what your readers really want. With any of the following services, I can help meet your content needs.
Before you read further, I want to ask you a SIMPLE QUESTION.
Were you not grabbed by my copy? The best writing for your cent.
When it comes to writing mouthwatering, engaging and persuasive copy, you need someone who’d give you the best.
Because you only have 6 seconds to convert a PROSPECTIVE buyer into a REAL buyer. If you can’t do that then you’ll lose to your competitors. That’s why it must be simple and catchy.
When you hear “Just Do It” what comes to your mind? Nike.
What of “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands” M&M
Still, you have McDonald “I’m loving it”…Globalcom, “Grandmasters of data”…MTN, “Everywhere You Go” and so on. The bottom line is:
You need to Keep It Short and Simple” or Keep It Simple, Stupid.
Hire me today, and I’d do that for you.
Are you a busy CEO or Executive of a tech company? Do you want to build your reputation as an industry thought-leader and someone people should pay attention to but you simply don’t have the time? If yes, I can help.
As a professional freelance writer, I will give you my very best work; the best for your cent. I’ll write articles and speeches on your behalf, and I will happily relinquish the credit. More importantly, all my articles will be adequately researched and backed with data. You will look REALLY smart, and a soul won’t find out that I wrote the article.
Content Strategy
With the rate at which new businesses are popping up, it is time for your business to step up its strategy or die. Research shows that content marketing delivers 54 percent more leads than traditional outbound marketing and that 70 percent of consumers say that content marketing makes them feel closer to a company.
If you don’t use content marketing, not only are you ignoring what your users really want but you’re also losing out on over half of your leads.
If you need someone to execute your content strategy too, I will be happy to jump on board.
Blog Posts
82 percent of marketers who blog see positive ROI for their inbound marketing and marketers that prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive ROI.
If you are not blogging, you are losing out on A LOT of leads. Yes, YOU are missing really big. Imagine experiencing a significant boost in revenue just by producing a few pieces of content every month?
I can help make it happen. I’ve done it for others, I’ll do it for you too.
Hire me to help your company create quality content that will endear you to your audience and result in a positive ROI.
Landing Page Content
Landing page content that works isn’t just “content.” It is content that gets people to take the action you want them to take. Unfortunately, not everybody can create this kind of content.
You don’t have to worry, though.
I will help you create engaging and persuasive landing page content that gets your users to act. I’ll go beyond that and optimize your content for the search engines to gain top ranking for the keyword of your choice on the long run.
Email is the most profitable of all marketing channels. A study by Monetate, that analyzed over 500 million shopping experiences, found that email beats both search and social media combined when it comes to conversions. Another study by the Direct Marketing Association found that you can expect a ROI of at least $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing.
Email marketing can help boost your sales and revenue, but email will only be effective if done right. You can hire me to take charge of your email newsletters and you’ll start to see a positive ROI in no time.
One of the best ways to cement your position as an industry thought-leader is by creating ebooks, e-courses and whitepapers. If you want one of the three, or even all three, I am the right guy to contact. Having me on your team to help create these guides and reports will be one of your best business decisions. My watchword is the best for every cent.
Guest Posts
Do you know that there are over a billion websites out there, struggling to accomplish one goal — profit.
If you want to move from NOBODY to SOMEBODY in our world of internet crowding, then you have to do what works best: you have to be pragmatic. One of the best ways to boost your reach, brand recognition and PR is by guest blogging on authoritative blogs in your niche.
The smartest companies online today actively guest blog, and the results they get is instantly apparent: imagine how many more people know about you when you get featured on a blog with over 100,000 readers? Imagine being able to claim to have been featured on the biggest blogs in your industry. You can’t just stop imagining.
You can hire me to ghostwrite premium-level guest posts on some of the most authoritative blogs in your niche.
Remember, for every cent you spend we always give the best.
Fill the form below and let us discuss your content needs. Also, kindly reference which of my services you are interested in:

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