One of the most common challenges millennials face is how to be productive in their daily activities. A lot of people spend most of their times trying new things and looking for ways to be healthier, live happier and stay productive all-round the year.

The United Nations reported that there are 65% of persons suffering from stress across the globe, yet there are fewer reports on them. In 2015 Greenberg and colleagues estimated the total economic burden of major depressive disorder (MDD) to be $210.5 billion per year due to loss of productivity and healthcare.  Aside stress, inactivity, fatigue, boredom, are some of the causes of unproductiveness.

Interestingly there is an increase in awareness for sustainable living and green alternatives.

But, you need not worry. Here are easy green ways you should consider to stay productive and boost your efficiency this year.

Healthy Diet

You’ve probably heard the saying “health is wealth” several times. It can’t be truer.

If you want to be strong, happier and live longer you should be wary of what you feed into your tummy. The overwhelming situation of the workplace can make you not care about what you eat. As a result, you settle for junks and carbonated drinks. This is not only dangerous for your health but it reduces your productivity level.

If you really want to multiply your productivity, consider eating locally natural green produce, drink more water instead of carbonated drinks. Also, you should consider reducing your coffee intake and switching to green tea during breaks as too much coffee drains adrenal glands, causing fatigue. Green tea delivers caffeine with a zero-jitter effect and is far easier to digest.


When you exercise regularly, you do not only lose weight or stay in shape. Exercise helps you improve your mental awareness by increasing blood flow to the brain, reduce health-related illness and make you more productive and alert at work and in every aspect of your life.

Consider walking to work if your office is close to your home. Swimming, jogging, weight lifting are some other exercises you can do to stay fit and productive. Also, make it a habit to use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Personally, I do long distance racing and swimming on weekends to stay energetic and refreshed. And often I get fresh ideas and solution to some knotty tasks during this process. There is no straight rule, all you need do is to ensure that you do what is convenient for you without burning yourself out.

Create a ‘Green’ Workspace

A Harvard report reveals that when we work in green-certified offices, we get a 26% boost in cognition and 30% fewer sickness-related absences. In addition, respondents also reported a 6% rise in their sleep quality.

Making your office green is a proven way to boost your productivity, engagement and concentration levels. You can achieve this by introducing plants into strategic places in your office. Aesthetic plants such as Warneck Dracaena, Chinese Evergreen, Snake Plant, Areca Palm are good examples of plants you can keep in your office. This has been proven to improve employees productivity by 15% according to a study by Exeter University.

You should also give room for enough natural lighting, furniture colours, and interior design of your office. This would increase your mental energy and effectiveness at work. So, go ahead and recreate your office into a green abode.


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